Monday, November 22, 2010

~ ♣ Sephora loots ♣ ~

ello Sweethearts! My Sephora loot arrived a few days ago so I've had some time to test drive the products. Overall I'm very happy with my purchases, especially the Moscow Palette for an amazing $10. 

{ Reviews }

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional 
  • [ + ] Made my pores appear smaller and gave my skin a nice, smooth finish
  • [ + ] Didn't clog my pores
  • [ + ] Didn't look dull
  • [ - ] My cream blush seems to negate the smooth effects.  I had to put a bit more on after the blush
  • [ - ] Had to reapply a few times a day to keep the effect going
  • [ - ] PRICE $28 is a bit steep
Overall I like this product, I don't really mind reapplying because I do touch-ups during the day anyway.  Plus it's nice to be able to have that smooth look without caking on the powder all day. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • [ + ] It does what it shadow stays much better than without it.  I do still get a bit of creasing but only with very glittery or textured shadows.
Stila Make An Impression In Moscow Travel Palette
  • [ + ] Love this!  You can't beat this palette for $10.  The set contains Stila's award-winning Eye Shadows in four trend-setting shades: Matruschka (beige), Chill (pale blue), Nadia (orange copper), and Mink (brown). The wintery palette also includes Convertible Color in Lily, a sheer, hydrating pink shade that's ideal for creating a naturally flushed, cold-weather glow. A must have, especially for those of us blessed with green eyes..the copper color is amazing., Inc.

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  1. Oooo i was really interested in the pore-fessional! Price is extremely steep though....:(

  2.'s true. But I do think it makes my skin look a bit younger, so that's worth every penny in my book ;)

  3. PS not that you have to worry about that my darlin :*