Wednesday, November 3, 2010


{Review} Sorry Vicky, you can keep this one a secret.  I tried the new Miraculous® Push-up and was less than impressed.  The bra claims to have "Special padding that lifts you up and out, instantly adding up to 2 full cup sizes for maximum cleavage and fullness." But in reality, it looks and feels silly.  There's too much padding and the fit is poor.  The shape looks unnatural, I understand you're suppose to look like a "Bombshell", but not like you stuffed your bra with socks.

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.I very much prefer the Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage bra from Frederick's of Hollywood.  I've been buying this bra for many years and love it.  

I did see JWOWW wearing one for Halloween. I don't go showing mine off, but here you go. PS..doesn't it look like she's had  a terrible tummy tuck? That belly button looks totally FAKE...just sayin.


  1. Lol with stuffed with socks look! I used to stuff mine with tissue and it rolled out during makeout session before*horrors!* never again! The Frederick of Hollywood looks promising though!:-)

  2. Haha. I have that bra. The feel is a bit odd but it definitely makes my breasts look huge. It is mildly unnatural though. It could of probably been designed better.

  3. Crazy Padding! Funny Jwwooow seriously looks weird. thanks for the Follow, Following you back. x Ari