Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a little something: Gift ideas

I'm always looking for fun and unique gift ideas for friends and family. If you have any ideas PLEASE SHARE..I'd love to hear what others are giving this year.  Here are a few I've come along..hope they inspire!

PS..find more idea's on Singular Happenings Facebook page :) 

{ Stickers }

Make your own sticker books! It's so easy, you just upload a bunch of your own pics and poof, you have an awesomely cute sticker book.  You could also use them for { envelop closures } { crafts } { band/artist promotions } { place cards } { scavenger hunts } { food labels }{ childrens chore charts...go supper nanny } {  party favors } What a great little gift this would make for a friend or family member.

{ Prints on canvas }

Canvas Pop will print any image on canvas. easy, just upload.  Shipping is even free when you order 2 or more.  A great option they have is splitting an image into 2, 3, 4 or more pieces.  Create fab works of art for your house or apartment.  I'm going to order at least 2 or 3 very soon, just need to figure out what I want.

{ Designer Umbrella & Sun Parasols }

This cute one sold at Nordstrom's
B&W Pinwheel at
I have this one, it was a gift from my bf

Marimekko Omena Compact Umbrella - White
Battenburg Lace Parasol - Black, Hook Handle


  1. I always have problems with creativity when it comes to thinking about original gifts, so I think itis good to have some ideas like these! My favourites are the umbrellas and the prints on canvas! Cool!

  2. thanks! I love my umbrella..probably one of my fav gifts ever.

  3. I love that black and white umbrella so unique. :)

  4. I reminded me of cirque du soleil :)

  5. Love the cherry umbrella.

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