Friday, February 25, 2011

Sneak Peek~ Benefit B.Right Skin Care Line Launching April 2011

Benefit is one of my favorite companies, the products are fabulous, the packaging is beautiful and I just can't help but feel pretty when I wear anything from their line. So I was totally excited to hear of the new skin care line launching in April (just in time for my birthday..yay). The line will include cleansers, a toner, an eye makeup remover, an exfoliator, an eye cream and face moisturizers. Here's a few pics.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gelish Test Drive

My UV lamp FINALLY arrived last Wednesday, I was so excited.  Wednesday night I set out all my materials on my kitchen counter and started the Gelish steps on my left hand.

First I removed the old polish and made sure to push my cuticles back.  I've read that the product should not touch the skin because it makes it chip more. Then I applied the foundation gel (set for 2 minutes with UV..if you have LED it's 30 seconds) then 2 Gelish colors in Night Reflection (letting each coat set for 2 minutes) and finally the top coat.  After the top coat is set with the UV lamp you'll need to use the cleanser to remove the sticky residue.

The process was surprisingly easy and at the end I was so happy with the results. The shine is amazing and beautiful.  It's Sunday night and I have NO chips at all and my nails have grown.  I LOVE this product and can't imagine using regular nail polish again..well maybe on my toes. 

My Manicure lasted 7 days without any chips.  I actually just got tired of the color and changed it.  The removal was so easy.  Just wrap your nails in tin foil with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover for 10 minutes.  The polish comes right's even easier than the video shows.

I've since ordered 6 more colors.  Will post more pics soon.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A fatal attraction to cuteness. Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea

G of the Sea 

G of the Sea is a beautiful mermaid with gorgeous flowing hair and an adorable green tail. Inspired by the magical world of her underground playground, this new, limited-edition Harajuku Lovers fragrance features a citrusy woody-floral scent.

Top notes delight in juicy splashes of crisp apple, magical water lily, and the tangy sweet surge of crushed berries. Soak in its heart, filled with flirty bouquets of dewy freesia, whispers of pink peony, and delicate kisses of jasmine petals. Finally, leave an enchanting trail of smoothly sundrenched woods, sensually transparent musks, and luscious amberwood.


Crisp Apple, Waterlily, Crushed Berries, Dewy Freesia, Pink Peony, Jasmine Petals, Sundrenched Woods, Transparent Musks, Amberwood. Style: Enchanting. Smooth. Transparent.

I loved the original G ..can't wait to try this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Mondays: Urban Outfitters

Start your Monday off with some free music from one of my fav stores UO!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The answer to my prayers....Gelish Nails?

Let me preface this by saying I have not yet tried Gelish Nails...I've been waiting for my 36 watt UV lamp to arrive..gosh it's been a long wait (since Feb 9..geez).  I've been having nail issues for a while now..they chip and flake and I can't keep polish on for more than one day.  I love wearing vibrant colors and trying new things, but it's so annoying to have to repaint every day.  Plus, all that polish changing is making my nails brittle.  No matter what I use on them they still break.  I saw a few facebook posts from friends about Gelish.  I figure, why not just order the system..if it's half as good as everyone says..I'll be happy.

So what are Gelish you ask..well...

Gelish is a soak off gel nail product that applies similar to regular nail polish, but lasts for up to three weeks with no chipping or fading.

Gelish is a UV nail gel that is applied in several steps, requiring either a 36 watt UV or LED lamp to cure the gel. Gelish nail gel is similar to other UV soak off nail gel systems, such as Shellac or OPI Axxium. Nail gels can be applied to your natural nails, without causing the damage of acrylics. Nail growth with nail gels is covered with a fill-in coat, similar to acrylic nails. The product is brushed on like regular nail polish. Watch this video.

What You Need to Apply Gelish Gel Nails

In addition to a 36 watt UV lamp or an LED lamp, you will also need the following Gelish products:
Ph Bond
Foundation Gel
Color Gel Polish (2 coats)
Top Coat

How to Remove Gelish Gel Soak Off Nail Polish

In order to remove Gelish UV soak off gel nails, you must first break the seal on the top coat. In order to do this, buff the surface of the gel to rough it up and allow the remover to penetrate. You can use either acetone or the Gelish Remover to remove the product. Once nails are buffed, apply the remover to a pad and wrap your nails in foil to keep the remover in contact with the Gelish. Wait 15 minutes and then remove. You may need to scrape any remaining bits of Gelish off of your nails.

Gelish Nail Gel Colors

Gelish comes in 48 colors and usually requires two coats of color with each manicure. I believe you can also preorder the new colors.

Here's a good list of colors..I found it hard to find images of the colors on Amazon.

I bought Tassels, Bashful, Night Reflection and Star Burst.  I can't wait to try.  If all is successful I will post a how-to video. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attention all Wonder Women!

M∙A∙C Spring Colour 2011 is the feminine force that saves the day! No nemesis can match her super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, Eye Shadows, Lipsticks and Powder Blush for this transformation! Our Artists work wonders every day - now with the help of one of the most exciting feminist figures..

Get it now at M.A.C...I can't wait.