Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gelish Test Drive

My UV lamp FINALLY arrived last Wednesday, I was so excited.  Wednesday night I set out all my materials on my kitchen counter and started the Gelish steps on my left hand.

First I removed the old polish and made sure to push my cuticles back.  I've read that the product should not touch the skin because it makes it chip more. Then I applied the foundation gel (set for 2 minutes with UV..if you have LED it's 30 seconds) then 2 Gelish colors in Night Reflection (letting each coat set for 2 minutes) and finally the top coat.  After the top coat is set with the UV lamp you'll need to use the cleanser to remove the sticky residue.

The process was surprisingly easy and at the end I was so happy with the results. The shine is amazing and beautiful.  It's Sunday night and I have NO chips at all and my nails have grown.  I LOVE this product and can't imagine using regular nail polish again..well maybe on my toes. 

My Manicure lasted 7 days without any chips.  I actually just got tired of the color and changed it.  The removal was so easy.  Just wrap your nails in tin foil with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover for 10 minutes.  The polish comes right's even easier than the video shows.

I've since ordered 6 more colors.  Will post more pics soon.

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