Monday, August 31, 2009

Hothouse 2009

Hothouse 2009 was the festive, hipster shindig of the year. Lots to see and take in. The lines were WAY too long for the alcohol (40 mins). I didn't feel so bad about asking for 2 wines when I finally bellied up to the bar. Although I felt much of the night involved waiting in lines (sometimes we waited in lines and weren't even sure what was at the end)it was an experience for the senses. Too bad my senses were totally sober. Watching the dance floor was amusing, lots of people bustin a moby, I even saw the robot..gosh I wish I had video of that one. Oh well, note to self next year, ~~ Enjoy a few drinks before the event~~

What I loved:
~creativity of the event ppl
~the food, once I shoved it in my craw after waiting in line
~the bands and DJ
~the snake

What I loathed:
~no ac in the building
~the lines
~the silent auction (seriously I can paste magazine clippings onto a frame, it's not worth $400..get better artists

Got it homeslices!

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