Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Pittsburgh Restaurants

We love to eat and by “we” I mean Steve and I and most of our friends. We’re kid-less, dog-less and have a cornucopia of free time to enjoy the finer things. Pittsburgh gives foodies a variety of eatables from fried to soul, we got it all.

I’m no food critic and don’t claim to be a foodie, but I know good food when I taste it and frankly find it hilarious that people over 21 are still eating at the Olive Garden when there are places like Girasole out there.

I’m always looking for new and exciting food experiences to delight my innards. I’m hoping to keep an ongoing journal of my eating adventures to spread the word and help restaurants that are making an effort to make good food.

Let’s get started with a good:

Mallorca Restaurant

Mouth watering Spanish cuisine with ample portions and a long list of specials that you’ll have the waiter repeat several times. The Spanish chorizo sausage is our favorite starter, I always say, there's nothing like flaming sausage, you gotta try it! With each entrée come 3 large sides of Spanish rice, vegetables and homemade potato chips to die for. We always end up taking the sides home and frying them up at a later date. The meal ends with a small shot of Amaretto, which the waiter always sets down along with the phrase “for people in love”. A very romantic end to a perfect meal.

The only downside to this special spot is the noise and the crowds. They really pack’em in and sometimes you’ll end up practically sitting in a strangers lap.

I suggest sitting outside when the weather is nice. There’s nothing like enjoying wonderful food and wine with your love while a plethora of unique and interesting folks walk by on the streets of South Side.

Enjoy Mallorca!

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