Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Facebook | YinzCam | Mobile Live Video

YinzCam is a FREE interactive mobile video service designed to enhance the fans' experience at a sporting event. Using YinzCam, fans can select/view live video feeds from unique camera angles, as well as view real-time action replays, game-time information, player bios and personalized content, on their wifi-based phones, right from their seats, during a live game.

YinzCam is currently under pilot with the Pittsburgh Penguins at Mellon Arena. Bring your IPhone, IPod Touch, Blackberry Bold to the next Penguins home game and try YinzCam out!

YinzCam was developed by a group of Carnegie Mellon computer engineers who, being passionate sports fans, wanted to be able to control the live camera angles that they watched at a game and to be able to get close-up views of the action even from nosebleed seats.


  1. I used Yinz Cam while I was at the game on Tuesday. It was pretty impressive.

  2. That rocks!! I was telling Steve about it.